Hot Weather Dressing

Whilst we may crave hot sunny days for the majority of the year here in the UK, when they finally arrive our choice of clothing can often leave us feeling sticky and uncomfortable rather than cool and chic. What many of us may not have considered is the huge part fabrics play on days when the mercury is rising. 

Selecting the right fabric for warm weather will keep you cool and feeling fabulous - so here’s what to look out for:


This natural fibre allows air to move freely through it meaning you keep cool more easily making it a warm weather staple when it comes to fabrics. This 100% cotton dress by Free People, £88 is the perfect Summer dress and comes in a variety of colours as well as being an extremely flattering cut. 


Linen is one of the coolest fabrics you can choose in hot weather. The loosely woven nature of this fabric means heat can escape from the body. If you prefer to keep your legs covered then Linen is a great option for trousers.

White Stuff, £55

White Stuff, £55

This khaki style from White Stuff are the perfect alternative to denim; the colour is versatile and the cut works beautifully with trainers, wedges or sandals. 


If you love your denim during Autumn/Winter then chambray is the fabric for you come Summer. This plain weave fabric is woven in a similar way to denim but it is lightweight and breathable, making it a better option in warm weather. A classic chambray shirt is a wardrobe staple for this time of year as it can be worn alone or as a lightweight jacket on cooler Summer evenings. 

J Crew Shirt, £87

J Crew Shirt, £87

This J Crew version is a classic piece that will transition beautifully into Autumn too -

The one downside to these gorgeous, breathable fabrics is that they do tend to wrinkle fairly easily. If you’re travelling to a warm climate and want to look as fresh as possible straight from the plane try Rayon. This is similar to cotton but slightly more wrinkle-resistant. It is also one of the most absorbent fabrics you can get as well as being a good conductor of heat, so it’ll keep you cool once you arrive at your sunny destination!