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The leaves are starting to fall alongside the temperatures. It’s the time of year within which we begin our hibernation process this means cosy nights in, comfort food and lots of layering whether it’s our clothes or more importantly our blankets…(we all love a good cosy blanket!) Autumn also signals a change in our diets too. Gone are the alfresco salads of the summer, we’re craving root vegetables and heartier dishes! Thankfully Love Food have their Top 10 Autumn Recipes to give us a little bit of seasonal food inspo!

This is the season for warming stews, rich soups and dishes that make the most of seasonal produce such as game, squashes, mushrooms and root vegetables.


1. Pear tart with crème fraîche

Pears come into season from September, so there's plenty of time to enjoy this dessert, which works well with a light dusting of powdered cinnamon before baking. Simply spread out a layer of puff pastry, then smother it with almond cream and top with a layer of freshly sliced pears.

Monica Galetti/Organic UK


2. Venison shanks with baby beets and chestnuts

A delightful game dish that's bursting with the tastes of autumn. It's reasonably challenging to make, but is well worth the effort. The slow-cooked venison falls off the bone into a rich, flavourful sauce. 

Steve Lee/Venison: the Game Larder


3. Pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni

Looking for an alternative to a classic lasagne? Try this pumpkin cannelloni recipe from Bill Granger. You can make it fresh or assemble it and freeze until you're ready to cook.

Bill Granger


4. Minced beef and dumplings 

Heston Blumenthal's traditional stew is big-flavoured and deeply comforting — the perfect dish for autumn. You can prepare most of the recipe a day ahead, adding the vegetables and cooking the dumplings before you serve.

Heston Blumenthal for


5. Wild mushroom arancini with roast tomato ragu

This is the perfect way to use up leftover risotto, making the most of late-summer tomatoes and the start of the autumn mushroom glut.

The Fabulous Baker Brothers/Mushroom Bureau 


6. Celeriac, sprouts and bacon soup

Blitzing cooked root veg and greens together is a sure-fire route to success when it comes to autumn soups. In this recipe Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall uses creamed celeriac and Brussels sprouts, and finishes the bowl with a handful of crispy bacon bits.

Simon Wheeler/Hugh's Three Good Things


7. Pan-roasted guinea fowl with truffle and leek

October and November are the best months for guinea fowl, although you could use chicken for this recipe if you find it hard to source. The addition of pricey truffles makes it a special-occasion dish, but they do give fantastic flavour. 

Yuki Sugiura/French Brasserie Cookbook


8. Mussels with beer and coriander

Celebrate the return of months with an 'r' in their name (traditionally when shellfish should be eaten) with a warming autumn take on a summer classic. You'll just need a tin of chopped tomatoes and some store-cupboard ingredients in addition to the mussels, beer and herbs.

Guyrope Gourmet Cookbook


9. Sausage, parsnip and onion roast

This one-pan dish is incredibly simple – and you can serve it straight from the roasting tray. It also works well with potatoes instead of parsnips: just pick a waxy variety that can be roasted whole in their skins.

Simon Wheeler/Hugh's Three Good Things


10. Mushroom and chard torte

This hearty but healthy autumnal dish is easy to prepare, taking just 15 minutes to put together. It makes the most of two seasonal ingredients and is a perfect simple weekend dinner. 

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Go Alcohol Free This Autumn - Bax Botanics


With the summer drawing to a close and the hangover of gin filled evenings beginning to take effect, many of us will be feeling like perhaps we’ve over indulged throughout the lighter months and looking to take a break from alcohol. However with the choice of booze free beverages leaving little to the imagination, abstinence can end up being somewhat difficult. Step forward Bax Botanics!

Independently run in North Yorkshire, Bax Botanics produces alcohol free spirits that, enjoyed with a traditional mixer can be the perfect alternative to alcohol. Distilled in craftsman made copper stills – just the same way as gin, these mouth watering spirits are made using organic herbs sustainably farmed from Fairtrade farmers. Adding to the company’s eco credentials, Bax bottle labels are printed on environmentally friendly sugar cane waste with recycled cardboard and clever box design eliminating the need for extra packaging materials.

Bax Botanics

Bax Botanics

Our business is born of a love of flavours gained through 15 years of teaching foraging and preserving.

Bax Botanics

Bax currently produces 2 spirit flavours at the distillery, Sea Buckthorn and Verbena, with each creating its own unique taste.

•             ‘Sea Buckthorn’ is a distillation of fragrant herbs and botanicals - Citrussy Seville oranges, Mediterranean herbs and subtle, warm, buttery baking. The blend is relaxed and luxurious.

  •       ‘Verbena’ is a distillation of light, bright herbs and botanicals – Lemon Verbena and hints of menthol, make this blend stimulating, appetising and fresh.    

With no sugar, no sweeteners (there’s just half a calorie in each 50ml serving) and completely allergen free, these spirits are perfect for diabetics and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Sea Buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn



We created the drinks to fulfil a need for adult drinks that are not sweet but are a sophisticated treat.

•             Great for the growing number of people who want to stay focussed, alert and at their best! 

•             An excellent treat for the non-drinker when friends are drinking alcohol.

•             Perfect those who need to drive or as a pacing drink. 

•             Great for the health conscious and pregnant ladies also those who have children.

Rose Bax - Bax Botanics

The Velda - The Perfect Non Alcoholic Cocktail


Named by Chris Bax to sound like an ethereal, sprite of the hedgerows – born from Verbena and Elder. Hedgerow foraging in a glass: the flavour of Elderflower, spring herbs and fresh apple combine with the light bitter notes of Mediterranean tonic.


•             50ml Bax Botanics Verbena

•             5ml Monin Green Apple Syrup

•             5ml Belvoir Elderflower Cordial

•             150ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic

•             Ice and a straw

•             Edible flowers to garnish

Mix the ingredients together in a tall glass and top up with ice. Garnish with edible flowers or a slice of apple. Elderflowers would be lovely a lovely alternative during the summer months.

Bax Botanics can be found in Booth’s,The Craft Bottle Shop and online.

For more information about Bax Botanics please visit

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