Learning To Live In The Now - Quiet Time Essentials


This is something i’ve struggled with my whole life! From as young as 5 or 6 Ive always known what I wanted to do and worked super hard to try and achieve it. This has meant that throughout the majority of my life i’ve always been looking ahead, setting goals for myself and chasing the next job, so much so that i’ve often been too busy to actually enjoy things. However more and more i’m feeling that these markers or goals are leading me to become stressed out. If I don’t achieve certain things I feel like i’ve failed rather than just accepting that life can take its own path and sometimes things don’t work out for a reason. There’s been many examples of this in my life and career and yet I still seem hell bent on setting the bar so high for myself in terms of my achievements (and quite frankly often making myself miserable in the process) that instead of enjoying the small moments in life, i’m fixating on the big things that didn’t take place and therefore missing out on so much loveliness happening around me. After pondering on this for some time now, i’ve decided to make a promise to myself….its out with the pressurised goal setting and in with living in the now. I vow to be grateful for all of the wonderful things in my life and the special people I share it with. I want to slow things down and allow myself to be still and breathe. Technology has made everything so fast these days that I sometimes feel like if things don’t get done in a matter of minutes then the moment has gone and I have to rethink my plans or actions. Im looking to bed time yoga, reading actual books (paper ones) and taking long baths to start my journey and thankfully there’s a whole wealth of lovely products and literature to assist me. Here’s a few of my favourite quiet time essentials. To be enjoyed with a good cup of tea. (Yorkshire Tea preferred of course!)

My Quiet Time Essentials

NEOM’s ‘Scent to de-stress’ range is an absolute must for creating a beautifully fragranced, tranquil environment. 95% of customers on the brands wellbeing programme reported they felt calmer and less stressed.

Asana Rebel Yoga is a brilliant app for ensuring you can get your yoga tutorials at any time of the day. Available to download via Apple app store or Google play.


Isabel Gillies ‘Cozy - The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World’ is the perfect read for embracing the small pleasures in life and making your world that little bit more well, cozy.


Look & Cover’s luxury 100% cotton, monogrammed pyjamas are the stylish yet super comfortable alternative to activewear for your quieter moments.