Bafta Beauty - What The Experts Say!

Every year the annual BAFTA's serve up some serious hair and beauty looks that leave us green with envy and this years ceremony was no exception. From the Duchess of Cambridge’s elegant up do to Timothy Chamelet’s textured locks, our industries insiders have laid out how to recreate their red carpet styles in no time at all. 

Duchess of Cambridge


“ Kate Middleton looked classy and stunning as ever at the 2019 BAFTA's. Her simple yet chic up do is one of my favourite looks on her and you can create it at home too. Start by brushing your hair back towards the back of your head and secure into a ponytail. Begin to section pieces of hair and pin them to create this interesting, soft shape. Once you are happy with this, use your fingers to tease some strands of hair loose and finish with JOICO Power Spray to keep it in place and add a subtle sheen”.

- Jay Birmingham, Celebrity Stylist and Owner of Jay Birmingham Hair


Amy Adams


“Amy Adam’s hairstyle from this years BAFTA Awards was definitely one of my favourites. Low key and understated, her pretty and polished ponytail looked great teamed with a hair bow that’s been all over the catwalks recently. When creating the perfect ponytail, prepping the hair is so important. Dry shampoos and texture sprays in particular are great for giving the hair some grip prior to styling into a ponytail. Once you have finished your ponytail spray it with some hairspray to lock it into place, however, be sure not to overload it with too much hairspray to avoid it looking too set. For a more slicked-back and polished look like Amy’s, once you have put your ponytail into place, use a gel, serum or shine spray on the hair to tame any flyaway hair and give it a sleeker look”.

- Carly Price, Partner for Muse of London 


Millie Mackintosh


Millie's colour is dreamy and she looked stunning on the carpet! Celestial threads of colour placed around the halo section creates show-stopping blondes, this ring of light keeps your colour dimensional, high impact and ethereal also gives added volume & lift. I think Millie has definitely used this technique to achieve her super soft colour.

With the placement of this colour and the way it blends from the root naturally it grows out seamlessly, it also looks as good in an updo as it does down! I do recommend a gloss every 6 weeks to keep the tone fresh and the colour vibrant and glossy just like Millie.

- Jason Hogan, Colourist at Josh Wood Atelier


Timothy Chalamet


Timothee Chalamet was definitely one of the best-dressed men at this years 2019 BAFTA Awards and his cool and quirky clothing choice looked great teamed with his long, textured locks. Men’s hairstyles are constantly evolving and for 2019 it’s all about these longer in length, grown out hairstyles that are around shoulder length or longer and that are full of texture and require little to no styling. With these hairstyles men can experiment with salt sprays and textuirising sprays to give their hair an effortless and undone, messy look, just like Timothee’s.

- Jim Shaw, Owner of Essensuals Billericay and Winner of the International Hairdressing Awards Men’s Commercial Collection Category 2019


Irina Shayk


Skin is the focus for red carpet makeup and achieving that dewy skin is key. The Crystal Clear Ready, Set, Glow kit is perfect to get your skin prepped at home. Follow with your chose foundation and blend this into skin with a damp sponge before applying concealer under your eye in a triangle shape to achieve the bright, flawless finish. Add bronzer using a large fluffy brush to avoid harsh lines and finish with a fluffy, brushed up brow and subtle eye makeup to rock the red carpet like Irina.

- Lesley Wilks, Celebrity Skin Specialist and Elite Makeup Artist


Lily Collins


Lily’s dark blue outfit is so strong that you cannot compete with it on a make up level! To do too much would be too harsh and to do too little would mean that the outfit would swallow her up! Her look is dramatic but soft and is perfect with her outfit choice. Lily also has amazing brows. They are strong and naturally shaped and to keep these looking soft and controlled she has shaped with a brow gel and filled in where needed only. Her lips are also perfectly applied with a dark burgundy red! Due to her strong lip colour, the rest of her face has to be softened. Therefore, she has applied soft blusher and shimmer to her cheeks and eyes to do this. Her lashes are long and spidery enhancing a softer look but keeping the eyes wide open. The look is perfect!

- Quote from Karin Darnell, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Skincare Expert

Living Coral - Get the Look

Living Coral is the shade of the moment (read our fashion post in The Edit) and so to keep you bang on trend we’ve picked our favourite products for creating the perfect look. Famed for being universally wearable, all skin tones benefit from the colours warming effect, breathing life into sallow skin and lips. Shop our edit now to get the sun kissed look ahead of the summer months!

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1. Benefit Coralista £26. 2. Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen £22. 3. Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss £28. 4. Dior Nail Polis £21. 5. Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Palette £25 6. Charlotte Tilbury lipstick £24. 7. Illamasqua Blush £18.40 8. Nars Juliette Lipstick £26 9. Lancome My Parisian Blush £28.

Golden Globes - Get The Look For Less!

One of our favourite looks from this years Golden Globe Awards was Saoirse Ronan’s perfectly polished, minimal make up. With just the slightest hint of colour on her lips, Saoirse exuded elegance whilst remaining true to her signature edgy style sporting a sleek, blunt bob. If you want to give this effortless look a go, our faves at George at Asda have picked out their top products for recreating the look for less!


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Review: Plasma Shower Facial

A few weeks ago I visited the Skinfinity skin clinic in Leeds to undergo a Plasma shower facial treatment. Personally I think the name itself sounds intriguing and having had laser treatments in the past I was curious to speak to the consultant about what the treatment actually entails and ultimately see the results. The facial is non invasive which is a huge plus for me as I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to needles and surgery (not that I judge anyone else who opts for more intense methods of skin rejuvenation, I’m very much each to their own!) and also has limited downtime, again another huge bonus if you don’t have the option of taking time off whilst you recover.

Skinfinity Clinic

Skinfinity Clinic


When I arrived at Skinfinity, which is a lovely clinic with a very relaxed environment, I was introduced to Dr Gareth O Hare who spoke with me at length about the treatment itself and the equipment used to carry it out. The plasma facial is given using a Plasma BT device which can be used for a variety of skin procedures. Dr O Hare though mainly uses it for reducing excess skin on eyelids, reducing eye bags, and softening permanent creases/wrinkles in the skin. It can also be used for removing small benign moles or skin tags. The plasma device fires a type of energy into the skin, causing it to tighten. 


The Plasma BT device is an alternative to surgical removal of excess skin on the eyelids, known as blepharoplasty. With the plasma device, there are no cuts, stitches or scars. After just 3 sessions, 6 weeks apart, excess eyelid skin is significantly reduced. Wrinkles can also be treated around the eyes (crow's feet), cheeks, forehead, and around the mouth. The skin is usually slightly red, with small brown dots where the plasma energy has touched the skin. These side effects usually settle after 4-7 days. 

For the Plasma shower facial itself Dr Hare places a serum on the skin before using the Plasma BT device to fire tiny shots of energy across the targeted areas of the face. This feels like a very light sunburn and only lasts a minute or so. It is a gentle, non-invasive skin treatment that can be used to help with a variety of skin issues, including acne, excess pigmentation, and dryness. It works by opening up the tiny channels in between your skin cells, allowing any products placed on the skin afterwards to be absorbed more deeply. The clinic uses the Tebiskin range to enhance the treatment and four of the products were used on me.

Gluage serum: Boosts production of hyaluronic acid, makes the skin more hydrated and smooth

SOD-C serum: a combination of several different anti-oxidants, helps even out skin tone and repair damage from sun exposure/pollution etc.

HYAL cream: a concentrated hyaluronic acid moisturising cream. It works by attracting more water into your skin cells, leaving it softer and smoother.

UV-Sooth: a factor 50+ moisturiser with hyaluronic acid and an anti-oxidant. This is Dr O Hares favourite product in the Tebiskin range and comes highly recommended by him.

I found the treatment to be extremely quick in comparison to other treatments I’ve had with a wealth of benefits. Although not something I would consider as a long term method of managing skin ageing it’s definitely a great treatment for instant rejuvenation! Practically painless with very little downtime and almost instant results the Plasma facial is a fabulous facial for a big event such as a wedding, red carpet, graduation etc or as a special treat when you’re feeling tired and rundown. Wether you’re looking for a festive glow for the Christmas party season or to reboot in the New Year I can highly recommend this treatment at Skinfinity.

For more information please visit

Vichy's Mineral 89

Vichy’s Mineral 89 is here and has officially launched on! It’s one of Vichy’s most exciting releases this year.


Vichy Mineral 89 combines the power of Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water + Hyaluronic Acid to strengthen the skin’s barrier function whilst protecting it from pollution. Formulated with 89% Mineralizing Thermal Water and just 11 other ingredients, Mineral 89 is a new ‘Step 0’ in your daily routine: plumping, protecting and preparing skin from within for the next steps in your skincare regime.  Suitable for the most sensitive skin, the light and fast absorbing formula drenches skin with freshness before disappearing instantly, getting to work to stimulate antioxidant defences and reinforcing skin’s integrity by stimulating regeneration and improving its barrier function.

Skin is the interface between our body and the external world: it acts as a protective shield against daily aggressors, such as pollution. Keeping it healthy and strong is essential. A more resilient skin means a smooth protective surface and a plump structured mattress below.

Powered by in depth expertise called the EXPOSOME, Vichy developed a breakthrough formula: Mineral 89. Your new essential 1st step of your skincare routine to strengthen your skin from within, protecting it from pollution, preparing it for the next steps of the routine and plumping it with health drop after drop. 


The Exposome is a scientific concept that emerged in 2005; a holistic approach and new way of understanding health and the skin.Research revealed 80% of ageing is due to the Exposome with environmental agressors such as pollution as well as UV rays and internal agressors such as stress and fatigue all impacting the barrier function. Based on this knowledge Vichy developed a new daily booster, Mineral 89 to reinforce skin barrier function whilst plumping and priming the skin. 


With Mineral 89, Vichy Laboratories took on its greatest ever challenge: formulating a skincare product based on 89% Mineralizing Water.

Vichy Mineralizing Water is a very active, potent ingredient thus very unstable to formulate. Until now Vichy laboratories were only able to reach a 20% concentration, but with Mineral 89 Vichy managed to achieve a concentration at 89%.

When combined with Hyaluronic Acid, an incredibly hydrating ingredient which also strengthens the skin’s barrier function, Vichy discovered the two ingredients have a complementary action to protect the skin’s integrity.


Drawn from the depths of the French volcanoes, Vichy Mineralizing Water is:
• Rich in 15 essential minerals, strengthening the skin’s natural defence
• Backed by 16 scientific studies
• Proven to stimulate antioxidant defences and reinforce skins integrity

specifically by stimulating regeneration and improving its barrier function


The light and fast absorbing formula drenches skin with freshness before disappearing instantly. This sensorial blend has been created with a very pure formula, made of 11 ingredients only: clean and safe, it has been tested on the most sensitive skin and contains no fragrance or colourants. 


Think of Mineral 89 as your step 0 in the routine, used daily post cleansing. Apply 1-2 pumps to face and lips followed by subsequent serums, moisturisers or SPF.

Neom Holiday Heroes

The summer is officially here and that means one thing....Holidays!!!!! It also means there's a certain amount of stress when it comes to packing. With highly priced luggage allowances, carry on plastic bags and 100ml liquid rules, deciding on the essentials can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you're anything like me and you want to take all of your favourite products. Well fear not help is at hands from the lovely folks at Neom.


Neom Organics have created two travel collections to enhance your wellbeing journey. The Holiday Heroes Kit and Wellbeing Discovery Kit both include powerful therapeutic minis packed full of the purest possible essential oils, to keep your skin feeling nourished and hydrated, whilst providing true wellbeing benefits; to relieve stress, aid sleep, boost your energy and lift your mood. 


Holiday Heroes


Travel calm from take-off to touch down with the new Holiday Heroes Kit, comprising of six holiday essentials. Create calm and banish any pre-flight nerves with the Nourish, Breathe and Calm Hand Balm and spritz the Energy Burst On The Go Mist on touch down to instantly re-energise. Prep your skin and mind for a relaxing day in the sun with the Great Day Body Scrub and keep skin glowing with the Great Day Bath and Shower Wash. The Great Day Lotion will help to nourish skin, whilst the Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist helps you drift into a deep night’s sleep, wherever your travels take you.

Holiday Heroes £45

Holiday Heroes contains: 10ml Nourish, Breath & Calm Hand Balm, 5ml Energy Burst On The Go Mist, 50g Great Day Body Scrub, 50ml Great Day Bath and Shower Wash and Lotion and a 5ml Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist. 

Wellbeing Discovery Kit


The Wellbeing Discovery Kit is a curated collection of Neom’s 5 best sellers to start you on your wellbeing journey. Begin your day with the Great Day Body Scrub to lift your mood, whilst nourishing the skin. On the go, practice some quick mindful breathing techniques and boost positivity with the Nourish Breathe and Energise Hand Balm. The Real Luxury Body and Hand Wash and Lotion will help provide stress relief after a busy day and the Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist will prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Wellbeing Discover Kit £36

Wellbeing Discovery Kit contains: 50ml Great Day Body Scrub, 10ml Nourish Breathe and Energise Hand Balm, 50ml Real Luxury Body and Hand Wash and Lotion, 5ml Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist

I absolutely love these kits!!, I'm a huge fan of Neom anyway and so these handy kits mean I can take my favourite wellbeing products on holiday with me. I love using the On The Go mist on long haul flights to settle me before take off and then again when we land to energise. My personal holiday hero though is the Real Luxury body & hand wash from the wellbeing kit. Packed with aloe vera, my skin feels super soft after using in the shower and the fragrance leaves me feeling uplifted and ready to start the day!" 

Available at /Leeds, Wimbledon and Kings Road stores. 

YSL Beautè Spring 2017-The Street and I collection





Inspired by the Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lip and Cheek, a new member of the family takes centre stage. Two colours, playful and enigmatic, to be used singly or blurred together, in a compact balm that glides easily over lips, or cheeks or both. A smooth matte finish to bring lips and cheeks to life. Quick and easy, BABY DOLL KISS & BLUSH DUO STICK can be applied in almost limitless ways, whether you’re after a playful pop of colour, or intense drama and a statement look. 



A colourful crush of orange embossed with the edgiest “brick wall” effect, the perfect blush for a young, fun complexion. Sweep it on in bold strokes, layer up the intensity; be subtle or sensual, the choice is yours.


Audacious and different, a combination of colours encapsulating the shades of the street. A shimmering pale pink to bring light under the brow; a hard city grey for lining or creating a smoky eye; a flash of orange, a duo of pinks to brighten up the evening cityscape.


One pencil, two colours, and one genius applicator to sharpen your line, smudge and blend where needed.  Apply each limited edition shade by itself, or with its partner; create a strong opaque mono-colour, or go for a harmony of pink teamed with bold coal grey.


A whiter shade of pale: white is the makeup artist’s secret weapon, a way to guarantee a wide-open eyed effect that’s daring, luminous and ultra-graphic.Ready for spring, the Dessin du Regard N°8, Blanc Arty, is the perfect tool for self-expressionists everywhere.


A slick of gloss, in two attention-grabbing shades, to add extra dimension to your look.Voluptuous, sensual, in iconic fuchsia and orange. Statement colours for an eye-catching look.


Four new spring shades inspired by bright, graphic, city colours, join the ever-renown Rouge Volupté Shine collection. Make a colour statement by mixing up the shades, one on each lip, or enjoy the potent pops of colour singly.


The contrasting colours of the city come to life as a limited edition accessory: an orange inspired by street art; and an urban take on asphalt grey.


Perfect illuminating coverage, with a shiny finish, the white lacquer is surprisingly refreshing and offers a new take on spring nails.  Apply as one coat for an ultra-fresh look, or add two layers for extra sophistication. You can also apply it as a base coat, under your colour, to enhance the brilliance and strengthen the shade.

Prices from £19.00 - £42.50 Available nationwide now. 


Red Lips-The Colour of Spring 2017

Make like the beautiful Lily Collins and add a touch of drama to even the most princessy of looks with a statement red lip!

Lily Collins at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

For centuries red lips have epitomised female beauty eventually becoming a make up bag staple in the 1940's and 50's thanks to screen sirens, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Hayworth and 2017 looks set to be another year where we celebrate this make up classic. As seen on the likes of insta girls Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin and the current crop of leading female talent including the stunningly beautiful Jenna Coleman, we've picked our favourite red lipsticks to keep you ahead of the game this spring/summer! Whether you're polished to perfection or working a relaxed look the red lip will keep you bang on trend this season. 

Clockwise from top left: Lancome £19, YSL £26, Maybelline £4.60, Mac Caitlyn Jenner £16.50, Nyx £5.65, Estée Lauder£25.50