Jump to it! - Activewear


Im extremely fussy when it comes to Activewear! The idea of overstretched lyrca leggings that bag at the crotch and shimmy down to your knees as you run terrifies me. I like to feel completely held in, in an almost Spanx type manor, however that doesn’t mean my Activewear should look like Spanx. I want my gymwear to inspire me, to make me feel joyous even if I’m dying whilst doing a full kettlebell workout and so it takes me some time to actually invest in new pieces as getting the balance between style and fit can be a real challenge! However I recently came across this gorgeous two piece set from Slazenger. Totally comfortable yet super stylish with its pink geoprint design it was a bit of a no brainer as a purchase especially as it’s now currently in the sale for £21 for the set! Shop the set below along with a few of my other favourite pieces that are budget friendly and available now.