Girl About Founder Joins The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event

Girl About Founder, Lyndsey Thomas.

Girl About Founder, Lyndsey Thomas.

With her mission to spread kindness and empower other women through her Lifestyle and Wellbeing blog, Girl About Founder Lyndsey Thomas is an exciting new addition to the Expert Panel at The Capsule’s Beauty & Wellness Event on Thurs 5th Sept.

Having started the blog in 2016 as a recommendation site for all things lifestyle in Yorkshire, it was Lyndsey’s honesty about her mental health that really opened the floodgates to its readers. Engaging with other women and using the blog as a platform for them to share their own personal stories accumulated in rapid growth with the facebook following to date currently standing at 22,000.

Her drive to tackle social anxiety and online bullying has this year prompted Lyndsey to launch the #haveaheart campaign as an initiative that through the giving and receiving of little yellow hearts brings women together in the real world with face-to-face interaction. We are thrilled to have Lyndsey joining us and are very excited to help her spread her message of kindness.

Girl About

The Girl About Blog Squad is a collective of female bloggers across the UK. One platform made up of lots of localised personal blogs from ladies in the know. 

Each blogger has their own personal patch - they are the official Girl About their own little corner of the UK. Their mission is to provide Girl About readers with their recommendations and honest and frank reviews on places to eat, sleep, drink, relax & unwind and have fun in their neck of the woods - with or without the kids.

The Blog Squad and Girl About readers are largely made up woman in their 30s and 40s  - multi-tasking fiery females with a lust for life and a level of expectation that comes with being a modern mum, friend, career woman with responsibilities, commitments and a serious lack of free time - Girl About provides proper honest, down-to-earth, easy to digest and well-written content.

Many of our bloggers contribute real life stories, family holiday inspiration, recipe ideas, book reviews and career advice to Girl About and mental health and wellbeing underpins all that Girl About stands for. Girl About is a platform to share, support, help, inform and inspire - from a place of trust and honesty. 

Find out more at

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Have You Got Your Tickets!

Book your tickets now, to what is set to be an exciting and empowering evening of insightful discussion, wellbeing guidance and shopping!

With Prosecco on arrival and a VIP goody bag for every guest this event is not to be missed.

Hosted by The Capsule Founder Natalie Anderson and with guests including Natasha Hamilton, you’ll have the opportunity to shop independent brands in our The Capsule Pop-Up whilst also being in with a chance to win a NEOM wellbeing pod with essential oils (rrp £150)


Revolutionary Wellbeing App Moodbeam Joins The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event

Moodbeam Founder - Christina Colmer McHugh

Moodbeam Founder - Christina Colmer McHugh

We are thrilled to announce that Moodbeam Founder Christina Colmer McHugh will be joining our expert panel at The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event on Thurs, 5th Sept. The revolutionary app and wristband device will also be exhibiting in our The Capsule - Pop Up Store.

DeviceVisuals5New (1).jpg

What is Moodbeam?

Created out of the need for a mother to see how her daughter was feeling when she wasn’t with her, Christina forged the idea of Moodbeam.

In recent times that desire to maintain a connection with someone when they’re not with you has moved on from that lightbulb moment to become something that can be used both personally and professionally, to evidence mood and start a discussion based on it.

Moodbeam allows its user to log, track and visualise their mood, thanks to its innovative hardware device and bespoke application-driven analytics platform.

There is currently no recognised metric for happiness and wellbeing. Certainly nothing exists that can capture moods instantly and accurately to visualise mental health.

The wrist worn device allows users to log a change in mood, either positive or negative, with a simple button press. The mood information is wirelessly transferred to a smartphone or tablet and is visualised in a unique way to highlight patterns and changes, allowing the user to correlate their data with other information such as diet, medication, exercise and their daily schedule.

A simple concept, it encourages users to self monitor their moods, aiding fruitful discussions with a loved one or someone whose job it is to support them with their emotions.

It was the WHO (World Health Organisation) who also stated that the biggest disease the world will face by 2020 will be mental illness. With this in mind, a solution needs to be sought rapidly and it’s thought this simple tool will aid a global transition towards positive mental health and improved wellbeing the world over, through the use of innovative mood technology.

Athlete Medica Group Black Moodbeam Logo.png

Actively encouraging both the wearer and those around them to “see how you feel” Moodbeam is leading the way in using technology as a tool for opening up conversation and discussion about mental health and wellbeing.

To find out more about the Moodbeam One and hear Christina’s journey of development book your tickets to The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event now at Tickets are currently on pre sale at £25.

Christina joins previously announced guests Natasha Hamilton and Clockface Beauty

Natasha Hamilton Joins The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event

We are thrilled to announce Atomic Kitten & Skin Specialist Natasha Hamilton will be joining us on our Expert Panel at The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event - Thurs 5th Sept


Having had a 20 year career in the entertainment industry Natasha, who is also a fully qualified beautician has recently launched her own skin clinic Natasha Hamilton Skin in Chester.


Natasha will be on hand to talk about the importance of good skincare and how great skin can boost your confidence. She is also able to give an insight into her own experience of working in the public eye and the pressures of social media.

Natasha will also be part of our live Q&A and audience discussion with further guests to be announced.

To book your tickets and be in with a chance of winning a NEOM well-being pod with essential oils (RRP £150) please visit


We hope you can be part of our conversation! Tickets on pre sale at £25.

Are You Suffering From Imposter Syndrome?

Photo by Deagreez/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Deagreez/iStock / Getty Images

Self-doubt plagues us all from time to time, however with increasing social pressure to be excellent in all aspects of our lives, Imposter Syndrome in the work place is growing at a rapid pace. Comparing ourselves to others on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram has many of us questioning wether we have a right to be where we are or worse can even succeed in our current position. Constantly asking ourselves “Am i good enough?”, “Can i do this?’”, “I shouldn’t be here”, “ I’ll be exposed soon.” does nothing for the wellbeing of our mental health and can lead to severe anxiety and depression which in turn can have a negative effect on our job performance and thus perpetuate the problem. With Imposter Syndrome on the rise Psychologist and Life Coach, Jivan Dempsey gives her thoughts on identifying the condition and how best to tackle it.

Do you feel like an imposter in your job?

Well you are not alone as research suggests that 70% of us will suffer with imposter syndrome in our lifetime. 

So what is it? 

Imposter syndrome is a psychological fear of both failure and success. Its a pattern of thinking where you continually doubt yourself, question your own success and fear being exposed as a fraud.
Most of us will experience self-doubt and fears at some point in our lives but typically it lasts for a limited time, for example, when you start a new job. Your fears will come to an end as you settle in but if you suffer with Imposter syndrome, the self-doubt and fears may last a lifetime. 
And sadly, research suggests its especially prevalent amongst high achieving women which may impact their attitude to careers and organisational behaviour. 
What are the symptoms of imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome has a number of typical symptoms which can be experienced on a scale of severity. If you suffer with imposter syndrome these are the most common signs:

  • You may have difficulty accepting praise. This isn’t a false modesty as you truly believe you don’t deserve it and may attribute your personal success to someone else. You may also feel anxious that success brings more responsibility and advancement which you feel you didn’t deserve in the first place. This self-sabotage limits you from reaching your true potential.

  • You may have very high personal standards for yourself and for other people. You are a perfectionist and will overwork and overachieve in order to be the best. You may see yourself as a “hero” looking to achieve impossible standards of perfection, flawlessly, to the point of burn outand often disappointed that others rarely meet the same exacting standards as you.

  • Failure is not an option for you. This self imposed pressure builds and builds as you get more successful, and it fuels greater levels of anxiety creating an internal cycle of fear and paralysis …. so you work even harder to overcome the fear of failure. And so it becomes a poisonous vicious circle.

  • You won’t show confidence worrying others think you lack the intelligence or talent to back it up. You also assume everyone else is achieving success without the same struggles as you, feeding into your insecurities that there’s something wrong with you

  • You worry you’re not enough …. consistently and overwhelmingly feeling you will be discovered as a fraud. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting!

 What can help?

Imposter syndrome is actually quite common and there are things that you can do to help in a healthy and proactive way. 
Speak out- Talk to a trusted friend, family member or a therapist. They can provide you with a safe space to help you to open up about your experiences and talk through the situation and distinguish it against the reality of your situation and help you to understand it more. 
Celebrate success- Let them help you celebrate your success, acknowledge your skills and positive outcomes with a written record of your achievements
No one is perfect– trying to always be perfect is impossible so you need to accept yourself with all your flaws. This is part of building self-esteem and self-worth, increasing personal resilience and happiness
Challenge negative thinking– develop coping strategies to challenge negative thoughts and create positive thinking patterns. 
Talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), keeping a written record of your achievements with a daily journal, celebrating success, deep breathing techniques, such as mindfulness, to help overcome emotions and feelings of overwhelm are all helpful in overcoming imposter syndrome and boost self esteem and confidence. 

Note: We will be discussing the issue of Imposter Syndrome with our expert panel at The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event on Thursday 5th Sept. The event will also give guests the opportunity to shop independent beauty brands and discover a wide variety of techniques to maintain positive mental health. Get your tickets now at Tickets are currently on pre sale at £25. Prices will increase on July 22nd.

About Jivan Demsey:

A personal centred NLP integrative hypnotherapist, life coach and occupational psychologist Jivan is focused on helping her clients T.H.R.I.V.E to lead healthier and happier personal and working lives. For more information please visit

How Essential Oils Can Help With Digestive Balance.

Ginger 9ml_Bottle & Carton-1.jpg

“Stress can often lead to changes in our digestive system, sometimes making our system sluggish other times speeding it up. Looking after your stomach is very important for your overall health” explains Jo Kellett, Tisserand Aromatherapy Wellbeing Collective Essential Oil Expert.

With more and more people searching for natural alternatives, Jo gives her guide on the best essential oils that can provide a natural digestive tonic, or can be applied to the stomach to aid in digestive balance.

For a classic Fix:

Peppermint, Mentha piperita. One of its main actions is an anti-spasmodic, it relaxes the smooth muscles of the digestive system to bring relief to abdominal pain and spasms.

Peppermint 9ml_Bottle & Carton-1.jpg

For over indulgence:

Grapefruit – Citrus paradise. Helpful after eating rich food and when the digestion is sluggish.

For system soothing:

Ginger – Zingiber officinale. A digestive tonic, soothing for all imbalances, from constipation to diarrhoea.

For when you feel it in your stomach:

Cardamom – Ellettaria cardamomum. Good for when the digestive system is directly affected by the emotions, also an effective anti-spasmodic.

For nerves:

Neroli – citrus aurantium. Like Cardamon this essential oil is wonderful for a ‘tense’ tummy, e.g. pre-exam nerves, interview, etc.

How to use:

A blend for physical symptoms

Add 1 drop of Peppermint, 1 drop of Ginger and 3 drops of Grapefruit to 10ml of base oil and massage into the abdomen, circling around the navel in a clockwise direction - this is following the natural path of the large intestine.

A blend for an emotional stomach

Add 3 drops of Cardamon and 2 drops of Neroli to 10ml of base oil and massage into the abdo- men, circling around the navel in a clockwise direction – again following the natural path of the large intestine.

Tisserand Aromatherapy Essential Oils are available from

Grapefruit Organic Pure Essential Oil, 9ml, £6.30

Ginger Organic Pure Essential Oil, 9ml, £12.25

Cardamom Ethically Harvested Essential Oil, 9ml, £19.60

Neroli (Orange Blossom) Ethically Harvested Pure Essential Oil, 2ml, £37.20

Peppermint Organic Pure Essential Oil, 9ml, £6.60

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