Revolutionary Wellbeing App Moodbeam Joins The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event

Moodbeam Founder - Christina Colmer McHugh

Moodbeam Founder - Christina Colmer McHugh

We are thrilled to announce that Moodbeam Founder Christina Colmer McHugh will be joining our expert panel at The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event on Thurs, 5th Sept. The revolutionary app and wristband device will also be exhibiting in our The Capsule - Pop Up Store.

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What is Moodbeam?

Created out of the need for a mother to see how her daughter was feeling when she wasn’t with her, Christina forged the idea of Moodbeam.

In recent times that desire to maintain a connection with someone when they’re not with you has moved on from that lightbulb moment to become something that can be used both personally and professionally, to evidence mood and start a discussion based on it.

Moodbeam allows its user to log, track and visualise their mood, thanks to its innovative hardware device and bespoke application-driven analytics platform.

There is currently no recognised metric for happiness and wellbeing. Certainly nothing exists that can capture moods instantly and accurately to visualise mental health.

The wrist worn device allows users to log a change in mood, either positive or negative, with a simple button press. The mood information is wirelessly transferred to a smartphone or tablet and is visualised in a unique way to highlight patterns and changes, allowing the user to correlate their data with other information such as diet, medication, exercise and their daily schedule.

A simple concept, it encourages users to self monitor their moods, aiding fruitful discussions with a loved one or someone whose job it is to support them with their emotions.

It was the WHO (World Health Organisation) who also stated that the biggest disease the world will face by 2020 will be mental illness. With this in mind, a solution needs to be sought rapidly and it’s thought this simple tool will aid a global transition towards positive mental health and improved wellbeing the world over, through the use of innovative mood technology.

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Actively encouraging both the wearer and those around them to “see how you feel” Moodbeam is leading the way in using technology as a tool for opening up conversation and discussion about mental health and wellbeing.

To find out more about the Moodbeam One and hear Christina’s journey of development book your tickets to The Capsule Beauty & Wellness Event now at Tickets are currently on pre sale at £25.

Christina joins previously announced guests Natasha Hamilton and Clockface Beauty